Aurora scarf, Icelandic wool

82.00 $

Base colour: black heather
Design: aurora borealis

Aurora scarf. Inspired by the northern lights, the designer of Gjóska has hand decorated stylish and comfortable scarf. This will add an artistic touch to your outfit and as you wear it, draw the eye to the dancing aurora borealis around you neck. No two pieces are identical.


Really made in Iceland. This product is created by Icelandic material, labour and design. 100% Icelandic wool, machine spun and knitted. The fabric is hand decorated by needle felting using unspun merino and silk fibres for the bright and shiny colours representing the northern lights. The designer has put a lot of work into developing the right look of the aurora and is always careful not to overdo the designs with decoration, because sometimes less is more.

The scarf can be used as being a stylish finish when going out, combined with a jacket, coat or a sweater. It can also used as a small shawl with a sleeveless dress and then closed with a pin. It’s 180 cm or 6 ft long.

The Icelandic wool

The Icelandic wool is naturally breathable and regulates body temperature. It is a resource which has kept the Icelandic people warm for centuries. It was in fact the only textile material available for common people until the 20th century. But it is a good one. The wool of the Icelandic sheep consists of two kinds of hair. The soft inner layer used for underwear and clothing. The water repellant and long fibered outer layer is used for outerwear and long lasting garments.

Taking care

If the scarf gets stained we recommend hand-wash and flat dry. If no spots/dirt is seen on the garment, it should be enough to hang it outside and air it for a little while. It will be as good as new. If the wool gets out of shape, for example by hanging somewhere for a long time, it can be reshaped by ironing with a damp cloth, just make sure the decoration faces down from iron.


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